The word “Game” is intimately associated with every childhood. Sports are good for health but, when it comes to video games, how safe is it for kids & youth generation? Now a day “Video game addiction” is a most popular word for all as well as a dangerous word for parents. Video games have many detrimental effects which is capable to change the brain structure & behaviour also. From the academic issue to the health issue the effects of video games are palpable. It is the duty of every parent to bring their children out of game addiction for their health. Then, what are the ways they can do this? 

Let’s find the answer to your question through this blog. 

v parents should spend a lot of time with their children as they don’t feel loneliness.


v Children should be made aware of the harmful effects of video games with medical references like intense video games can trigger Adrenaline & cortisol production. Cortisol is also known as “Stress hormone” that is responsible for depression which is very minacious. Extensive viewing of the game screen can lead to eye discomfort & blurry vision.


v Parents should motivate children to exercise & sports instead of video game. They need to understand that sports & exercise are good for the mind as well as the body.



v Parents should be aware of the timing of video games. There should be a definite time to play video games. They have to follow the time limit strictly.


v Parents should make their children interested to read detective story books & do some fun activities with them during the day. Parents can do stress-relieving activities with their children to reduce mental distress.



v  Lastly, parents can consult with doctor about “COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY (CBT)”. It may be helpful for overcoming severe video game addiction.

One mother can show her child the light of the World, so, she is also able to bring her child out of all darkness & show the light. Every parent should help their children to get rid of that addiction without seeing anger on them. 

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